The National Library of Australia gratefully acknowledges the generosity of all National Library of Australia Patrons, Donors and Legacy supporters.

All Patrons are acknowledged in the Library's 2016-17 Annual Report.

Blaeu Patrons event

Principal Patrons

  • Vincent Fairfax Family Foundation

Platinum Patrons

  • Mrs Pat McCann
  • Ms Simone Vinall

Gold Patrons

  • Associate Professor Noel Dan AM and Mrs Adrienne Dan
  • Friends of the National Library of Australia Inc.
  • Mr Kevin McCann AM and Mrs Deidre McCann
  • Macquarie Group Foundation Limited
  • Minerals Council of Australia
  • Planet Wheeler Foundation
  • The late Mrs Alison Sanchez
  • Ms Anne-Marie Schwirtlich AM, FAHA and Mr Stephen Yorke
  • Dr John Seymour and Mrs Heather Seymour AO
  • Dick and Pip Smith Foundation
  • Mr Kerry Stokes AC and Ms Christine Simpson Stokes
  • Mr Ryan Stokes

One supporter donated anonymously.

Silver Patrons

  • Dr Diana J. Carroll
  • The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM
  • Ms Catherine Hope Gordon
  • Ms Jane Hemstritch
  • Dr Ron Houghton DFC and the late Mrs Nanette Houghton
  • Kenyon Foundation
  • Ms Marjorie Lindenmayer
  • The Linnaeus Estate
  • Lovell Chen Pty Ltd
  • The MacLeod Family Trust
  • Dr Thomas Mautner
  • Mr Simon Moore
  • Mrs Glennis Moss and the late Dr Kenneth Moss AM
  • The Myer Foundation
  • Origin Foundation
  • Mrs Patricia Peck and the late Mr Nigel Peck AM
  • Mrs Margaret S. Ross and Dr Ian Ross
  • Ms Josephine Shanks and Emeritus Professor Dr Robert Shanks
  • Mr Doug Snedden and Ms Belinda Snedden
  • In memory of the late Ms Della Keren Thomas
  • Associate Professor Linnett Turner and Associate Professor David Turner
  • Wesfarmers Limited

One supporter donated anonymously.

Bronze Patrons

  • Dr Marion Amies
  • Professor Kent Anderson
  • Mr Jim Bain AM and Mrs Janette Bain
  • Mrs Alison J. Bloomfield
  • Mr Thomas Bradley QC
  • Dr Desmond Bright and Dr Ruth Bright AM
  • Ms Kristal Nicole Claasz
  • In memory of the late Mrs Mavis Thorpe Clark
  • Dr Patricia Clarke OAM, FAHA
  • Dr R.L. Cope PSM
  • Ms Christine Courtenay AM and the late Mr Bryce Courtenay AM
  • The Lady Ebury
  • Mr John Fairfax AO and Mrs Libby Fairfax
  • Mr Tim Fairfax AC
  • Mr James Ferguson
  • The Hon. Martin Ferguson AM and Ms Patricia Waller
  • The late Lieutenant Colonel (Ret’d) M.A. Fletcher JP
  • Sir James Gobbo AC, CVO
  • Mr John M. Green
  • Mrs Claudia Hyles
  • Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk
  • Liberty Financial
  • Mr Brian Long and Ms Cathy Long
  • Mrs Janet McDonald AO and Mr Donald McDonald AC
  • Mr Bruce Miller
  • Mr Baillieu Myer AC and Mrs Sarah Myer
  • Mrs Maria Myers AC
  • Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver
  • Ms Meg Paul
  • Dr Fiona Powell
  • Professor Janice Reid AC, FASSA
  • Mrs Diana Ritch and Mr Jack Ritch
  • Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson
  • Miss Kay Rodda
  • Mr Robin V.F. Smith
  • The Hon. James Spigelman AC
  • Ms Deborah Thomas
  • Mr Geoffrey White OAM and Mrs Sally White OAM

Three supporters donated anonymously.

Founding Patrons

  • Dr Marion Amies
  • Mrs Phoebe Bischoff OAM
  • Mrs Josephine Calaby
  • Dr R.L. Cope PSM
  • The late Mr Victor Crittenden OAM
  • Ms Lauraine Diggins
  • The Lady Ebury
  • Mr Andrew Freeman FACS
  • Ms J.L. Fullerton AO
  • Griffith 8 Book Group
  • Mrs Claudia Hyles
  • Professor Joyce Kirk and Dr Terry Kirk
  • Dr Jan Lyall PSM
  • Mrs V. McFadden
  • Mr Peter McGovern AM
  • Mrs Glennis Moss and the late Dr Kenneth Moss AM
  • Mr John Oliver and Mrs Libby Oliver
  • Mrs P.P. Pickering
  • Emeritus Professor Alan Robson AO and Mrs Gwenda Robson
  • Miss Kay Rodda
  • Rotru Investments Pty Ltd for Mrs Eve Mahlab AO and Mr Frank Mahlab
  • Mrs Angela Thorn and the late Mr Bill Thorn
  • Mr John Ulm and Mrs Valda Ulm
  • Ms Lucille Warth

Three supporters donated anonymously.


  • Estate of E.A. Chrome OAM
  • Estate of Victor Crittenden OAM
  • Estate of John Anthony (Tony) Gilbert AM
  • Estate of Mary Gilmore DBE
  • Estate of Alison Euphemia Grant Lipp
  • Estate of Nora Heysen AM
  • Ralf Iannuzzi Memorial Trust
  • Estate of Eva Kollsman
  • Estate of Joan Lindsay
  • Estate of Kenneth Myer AC, DSC
  • Estate of Maxine Poynton Baker
  • Estate of Morris West AO
  • Estate of Harold S. Williams OBE
  • Friends of the late Barbara Goodhew
  • Friends of the late Vanessa Griffith

Collection Donors

The National Library also thanks the many generous individuals and organisations who have contributed material to the Library’s collection.