Looking for Rose Paterson

Looking for Rose Paterson
How Family Life Nurtured Banjo the Poet Bookshop event

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Looking for Rose Paterson
29 March 2017, 6pm-7.30pm
Conference Room, Level 4


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Lecture and Book Launch

Looking for Rose Paterson: How Family Life Nurtured Banjo the Poet by Jennifer Gall

Rose Paterson, mother of bush poet Banjo Paterson, was a well-educated woman of genteel stock who found herself living in rural poverty. Rose's descriptions of her son Banjo, his personality and youthful exploits, paint a picture of the family life that shaped the man who would become one of Australia's most famous poets.

Join Jennifer Gall as she takes us into the rustic world of a remarkable Australian woman.

Conference Room, free (includes refreshements)